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Building on the

God has richly blessed us! We've outgrown our current building and are expanding!


Providence has been blessed greatly over the years. We seek to bring Christ centred education to the children of God, and He has blessed us with much growth, both in student numbers and in community support. It is our calling to abide in God's Word, to see His Kingdom, and to tell the next generation of the mighty works of our God.

Where We Started

Providence first opened its doors in September 1997 to fifteen students. The school was first located in the basement of a small church on Glendon Drive in Komoka, Ontario in what is now the Covenant Orthodox Presbyterian Church of Komoka.

These humble beginnings were the efforts of like-minded parents who wanted to see a distinctly Christian and Reformed high school – a covenantal school that was firmly based on Scripture. Our school community has always sought alignment between home, school, and church on the common foundation of Scripture. 

By 2002, the school had outgrown the church basement, and built a new facility right around the corner at 93 Queen Street in Komoka.

Building on the Foundation 2023

Providence continues to grow both in school population and in its academic program. This brings us to our current project, which will be a generational build providing a gymnasium to support our physical education and athletics program, standard and specialized classroom space, and community space including an atrium and teaching kitchen.



We are hoping to raise $5 million to complete this project.

We are nurturing the next generation of Christian disciples, leaders, teachers, and citizens.
Psalm 48:12-13 calls us to walk about Zion and consider the strength and beauty of the City of God, so “that you may tell the next generation that this is God, our God forever and ever.”

Together, we have reached


to date. 








Ways to Donate

Pledge & Donation Form

Fill out the form below, and do one of the following:
1) Mail the completed printed form to 93 Queen St, Komoka
2) Email the completed form to

Please send this form in with any pledge or donation. 

Cash or Cheque

1) You can mail your donation to 93 Queen St, Komoka, N0L 1R0.
2) Give your donation to your church representative.


E-transfer donations can be emailed to

If you have any questions, more information about PRC can also be found at our website:                                

Ways to Donate
Plan for Expansion

Plan for Expansion

Your generosity will go towards the following:


A Gym

Providence has never had a gymnasium. We currently use a variety of facilities: the YMCA, the Komoka Community Centre, and the gym at Covenant Christian School. However, we believe that a gym at PRC would best support our current Physical Education program and athletics, be an investment in student life and a positive school atmosphere, and be a centre for the community. 


Additional Classroom Space

In the fall of 2023, PRC needed to split an incoming class for the first time due to class size. We anticipate that we will need to split all incoming grade 9 classes. Grade 11 and 12 classes may need to be split as well in 5-6 years as class sizes continue to grow. This plan includes the addition of traditional and specialized classroom spaces. The proposed expansion will meet our projected classroom demands for the foreseeable future.


Tech Program

To accommodate expansions within PRC's own curriculum, which include two technology classes, and growth within our Hospitality & Tourism course, we plan to build specialized classrooms. This will include a transportation tech classroom with a large overhead door to bring vehicles inside, a woodworking/construction tech classroom, and a teaching/hosting kitchen. The Ontario govermnent has also added that for students beginning high school in 2025, a grade 9 or 10 tech course is required to achieve their OSSD. 

You can read more about our expansion plan here:

Our School's Mission

What our reformed school seeks to do.

PRC seeks to glorify our covenant God by assisting parents in:


Providing students with an excellent Reformed Christian education.


Nurturing students in the knowledge and fear of the LORD.


Equipping students for service in the kingdom of God as ambassadors.

Our Community's Vision

Why we operate a Reformed school.

Our community’s vision is that God,
through the means of home, church, and school,
would raise up a generation that loves God,
desires His Kingdom,
and offers all their gifts in personal submission to Jesus Christ
as prophets, priests, and kings,
looking forward to the day when the fullness of the Kingdom comes,
and Christ will be all in all.

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